A number of Quad-City area venues are hesitant to book rappers due to a tumultuous past. Proving Grounds is an attempt at redemption. See the full story in the Quad-City Times.

Wayne and Alzada Wachholz keep a weekly date from their rural Illinois town to the 'big city' of Davenport, Iowa for Olive Garden, a piano performance at a department store and to browse books. See the full story in the Quad-City Times.

Lisbon High School senior, and three time wrestling state champion Carter Happel prepares to wrestle for his fourth title, and an opportunity to become the 25th wrester in Iowa to complete the feat, and make Lisbon the only high school with three different four-timers. See the full story in The Gazette.

Rally America returns to Portland with the annual Oregon Trail Rally.

Rally Racing has become increasingly popular in the United States with drivers like Ken Block and David Higgins in the past few years and makes an annual appearance in Oregon.

“The sport of rally has a long history in the Northwest,” according the Lance Smith, owner of Vermont SportsCar, “These are considered some of the best roads in America to rally on.”

Rally racing is considered to be one of the more technical forms of automotive racing.

Drivers must rely on pace notes from their co-drivers who sit in the passenger seat directing them through the course while racing against the clock.

“Rally is a sport where it is not like a race,” says Smith, “It is people driving around a corner only once and not the same corner a thousand times. So there’s a lot of unexpected occurrences during a rally. It’s really the best average for the driver. He is trying to get every corner the best he can, the most precise he can.”

Drivers rely on trust, instinct, skill, the cars and their mechanics to safely cross the finish of each stage in rally racing.

“It’s a little bit of everything,” says Seth Alarie, technician for the Subaru Rally Team, “I’ve always been a Subaru fan - that seems to be where they shine. But you have [cars] sliding around on asphalt, hard launches, acceleration, corners, top speed, dirt, jumps, all kinds of weather… It’s every form of racing rolled into one.”

The Oregon Trail Rally continues throughout the weekend south of The Dalles and Hood River. For more information see oregontrailrally.com/spectators.

A look at the composting process - behind the scenes as a new topsoil rule is under consideration for new development in Cedar Rapids which would increase demand for the city’s compost program in helping develop that topsoil. Click for the full story in The Gazette.

St. Mary's Church in Iowa City hosts a Thanksgiving meal for any and all who need a place to go regardless of belief or association with the church. Sister Agnes Giblin has been helping to organize the meal for over thirty years, since she arrived at the church. See the full story in The Gazette.